Hosting Service Agreement

1- The laws applicable to all hosting and server or reseller services.

2- The customer has the right to use the site freely in accordance with the laws of the World Wide Web, without any pornographic material or encouraging terrorism or offenses to Islam.

3- The customer is obliged not to promote any home content intellectual property rights in accordance with the global web law only.

4- Dues and invoices must be paid in advance to complete the work, and in the event that we are required to pay an invoice, the customer receives a message a month before and then two weeks before the end of the old period, after which a message is sent to the email warning that the site will be stopped within 24 hours. The service will not be returned to the site unless the agreed dues are paid.

5- The management of the company maintains complete confidentiality on all the personal data of customers and we provide a service to hide the owner’s data for the site for free, as all the materials of the site are kept strictly confidential from tampering, vandalism or theft.

6- In the event that the beneficiary of the service uses programs or scripts that contain security holes that may lead to sabotaging or leaking of his website materials, the management of the LEZR company does not bear any responsibility resulting from that.

7- In the event that any customer tries to breach the server through the hosting that we provide to him through spying or using programs that enables him to control the materials of other customers in the servers of the LEZR company, the site will be stopped without warning and will not be dealt with again. And bear any consequences may be caused by problems with the server.

8- Any materials that are promoted or published in the rental areas that lead to blocking the LEZR company servers from any Arab country, the service will be stopped immediately from the customer, and requests from him to transfer the contents of his site, and the LEZR company does not bear any responsibility for the damages that may be caused to the tenant as a result of this stop .

9- Backup in a LEZR company, it is daily, weekly and monthly external copies. Backups are provided to customers, but we do not bear any damage or defects that might happen to the backup copy because it is outside of our will, and often the backup backup is due to a program and codes or malfunction of the backup copy.